BEI Engineers is dedicated to providing engineers, designers, and other personnel to staff at our Client’s facilities.  BEI Engineers has several unique qualities that set the company apart from the competition, such as a dedicated recruiting staff and tools.  BEI Engineers provides all of its staffed personnel with safety training and offers attractive benefits, all the while allowing our Clients to retain care, custody, and control over the work product and day-to-day activities.  The outcome of this exceptional arrangement is the ability to maintain a dedicated and highly skilled workforce.   Our staff is committed to working with our Clients on a local, regional, and national basis.  BEI identifies and screens candidates for positions in a variety of fields.

Service Objectives:

·         Provide high quality experienced staffing personnel

·         Fulfill our Client’s staffing needs in a timely manner

·         Provide customized solutions to meet staffing needs

·         Provide personnel with benefits

·         Specialized in:

o   Long-term Contracts

o   Direct-hire Placements

o   Short-term Assignment

·         Expertise in recruiting local candidates

·         Thorough screening of all applicants

BEI Engineers has been providing qualified staff to our Clients for over fifteen years. We currently staff over one hundred employees at more than twenty sites.