Field Services

Field Services refers to BEI Engineers employees staffed at our Client’s sites, who do not possess a technical background (i.e. engineer). This category encompasses a wide range of individuals, from administrative assistants to field coordinators to QA/QC inspectors. Once again, these individuals are employed by BEI, but under the direct supervision of our Client supervisor.

While BEI Engineers Staffing division has a heavy focus on turnaround and maintenance personnel, we are proud to assist our Client’s in providing the following on-site staff:

                        Project Manager




                        Cost Controller

                        Cost Administrator/Technician

                        Clerical/Administrative Assistant

                        Document Controller

                        Buyer/Contracts/Procurement Representative

                        Warehouse Manager/Coordinator

                        Material Hander/Coordinator/Expediter

                        Engineering Specialist

                        Technical Specialist

                        Operations Specialist

                        Commissioning Specialist

                        Environmental Specialist

                        Construction Manager/Coordinator



                        Field Coordinator

                        Turnaround Coordinator

                        Safety Coordinator

                        Logistics Coordinator