Industry Focus


BEI provides comprehensive solutions for infrastructure and security systems in the petrochemical, maritime, transportation, energy, and utilities sectors. Serving both private and governmental clients, BEI specializes in the following industries:

Petrochemical and Chemical Industry 

Safety and security has always been a top priority at our nation’s petrochemical and industrial facilities. Having a thorough understanding of the operations and procedures of petrochemical facilities, BEI provides turnkey services to effectively mitigate the risk of potential threat. From assessments and consulting to design through construction and startup, BEI provides security solutions that effectively meet the needs of our clients.

Transportation Industry

Transportation has been defined as one of our nation’s top critical infrastructures. The responsibilities placed on this industry to keep the nation’s flow of people, goods and services safe and moving are vast and complex. BEI provides security services to meet the challenges of securing our transportation infrastructure.

Maritime Industry

BEI has provided security services to some of the largest ports and marine facilities in the United States. With strong experience in the area of port and maritime operations, BEI designs and installs state of the art systems and infrastructure to facilitate security at our nation’s ports and marine facilities.