Design-Build Services


Companies today face the challenge of addressing increased security risks. Though these risks are being addressed, companies are finding solutions to be complex, requiring outside assistance from experts in various fields. BEI Engineers offers comprehensive Design/Build solutions to address your security needs. The advantages of BEI’s Design/Build solutions are as follows:

Full Range of Scope

BEI will oversee the complete scope of the project. Therefore, there is a single point of contact for quality, cost and schedule adherence. In addition, BEI handles all coordination between design and build efforts so that our Clients are able to focus on scope and decision making, rather than coordination between designer and builder.

Reduced Burden

Because BEI is the sole point of contact for the entire project, this eliminates the requirement for investing time and money coordinating and arbitrating between separate design and construction contracts. BEI takes on the role of selecting qualified cost-efficient subcontractors if needed, and BEI will execute the project within scope, schedule and budget.

Cost Control

BEI offers a guaranteed project cost for the scope of work defined. Therefore, BEI’s clients know the complete project cost upfront. For projects where a fixed budget is defined, this is particularly important, insuring that the scope of work is completed within budget.

Time Savings

Because design and construction are overlapped, and bidding periods and redesign are eliminated, total design and construction time can be significantly reduced using this contracting method.